Pew Models

  • The solid contoured seat begins with 6/4 (1 1/2") lumber
  • The finished thickness at the thinnest point is approximately 1"
  • The seats have a 3/4" bull nosed edge and 1 1/4" rounding at the ends
  • Joints are fastened using a tight joint fastener to pull the seats together ensuring a snug fit
  • Backs are fabricated with 3/4" veneered industrial grade particle board (solid backs are available)
  • Accessible seating has 1/8" solid edge
  • At the joint or blind division metal plate fasteners are used
  • Rolls are solid lumber with a 3/4" bull nose matching the seat
  • Supports are constructed of 1 3/16" veneered industrial grade particle board with 1/4" Solid Edging
  • Placement will be at a maximum of 6' and fastened with 1/8" metal plate steel
  • Pews will be installed using Single Point Concealed Fastener or Double Point Concealed Fasteners








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