About Us

Oakley Architectural Woodworking brings you over 25 years of custom millwork experience.

Our team was trained by some of the finest and oldest in the trade.  The fine craftsmanship which is needed in the production of everything from church pews and courthouse furniture to specialized laboratory furniture is their signature.

Our company has built a solid reputation with Owners, Designers and General Contractors, forming established long term partnerships with industry leaders.

We pride ourselves on building quality products and we are motivated by a commitment to excellence.



Leading our team is our Lead Machinist and Director of Production, he is fully Licensed as an Industrial Woodworker, and was the Lead Machinist and Production Supervisor for Valley City Manufacturing for almost 25 years.

We are extremely familiar with both AWI and AWMAC standards and our company holds to these standards.

Church Pews



We specialize in the development and in-house fabrication of custom millwork, casework, pews, courtroomseating and architectural millwork.

Offering you:

  • CADD Services
  • Project Management
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Installation
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